Sunday, 12 June 2011

Rhyming Funny Poems - Where to Find Them

Today, some poets feel they write poems, rhymes, and probably others who do not. Others write with partial rhymes in a poem, but no meter or rhyme strict rules. But just because free verse is popular now does not mean you can scrape a lot of words on paper and call it a poem. It should also be structural, flow and a point. But it need not be rhyming.

***rhyme poem1***

Love - by Katherine Foreman.

rhyme poems 1

Broken dams and fading memories
Nights in blue with lights and sound
Something moving in the distance
Kill it when it comes around.

Lock it out and down forever
Keep your heart a crying stone
Look forever while they think
You think it's fun to be alone.

Choking velvet, bitter laughter
Watch and scream and bravely smile
Just remember somehow it will
All be over in a while.

Dance it out in tarantella
Let it out to keep your head
Lock it up and burn it over
Keep it quiet
Keep it dead.

***rhyme poem2***

One Hope Present - by Katherine Foreman.

rhyme poems 2

Flesh that parts quiet along the knife blade
Lyrics that resonate, ring alive, fade.
Spirals of chlorophyll cover, defy.
While I am living, this hope cannot die.

Edges of pain that has shrieked in my mind
Trembling despair nearly batters me blind.
Things left behind are more precious than breath.
While I can speak, I will not yield to death.

Watching the light for a chance of reprieve
It will all funnel to what I believe.
Time will bring healing, with scars it must give.
While I am dreaming, my dream will still live.

***rhyme poem3***

Friendz - by Kayla Coffey

rhyme poems 3

I say yes and you say no
I say bye and you say hello
Butterfly's fly and penguins swim
Professionals lie and adventures go on whim
If you go up I go down
An emo to a happy clown
Girlie girls pink and fat ones brown
Smiles right side up and frowns up side down
A rainbow to a black plain thing
A monotone to an opera sing
A rainy cloud to a sunny day
Bright colors and something gray
A beginning to an ending
A broken heart and then something mending

***rhyme poem4***

Cammy The Rabbit - by Amanda Favorite

rhyme poem4

Cammy my rabbit, feminine but buff
no really, this isn't a bluff!
A rex with her ears proud and tall
truly the queen rabbit of all
They call you obese But I'd disagree
You binky around oh so perfectly
You weigh seven pounds or maybe above
But the more there is, the more to love!
She's only big
Not fat as you'd say
I'll hug her and squeeze her all the long day
Once you get to know her,
she's really quite petite!
Whit with a brown tail, ears and feet
I love her I do!
And so should you.

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